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About the Course

Our course is suitable for those who just starting the basic training to become a nail stylist and those who are looking for a workshop to improve their skills as an advanced professional.


Course program is covering the following areas:

  • Disinfection and sterilisation of the workplace and work tools

  • Theoretical base: structure of the natural nail and the most common nail diseases

  • Basic manicure \

  • Intense practical training for gel nail extensions:  building a sculpted nail on both tips and nail forms

  • Nail Art Design

  • Perfect French 

  • Airbrush nail design technic

  • Ombre nails design

  • Chrome, Mirror and Powder nail design

  • Ultra thin gel nails with the natural look

  • Applying nail polish under cuticle 

  • Filling and Drilling technics - when to use which tool and how to do so perfectly to save time and to make money

  • Combined manicure using nail drill only 

  • Nail polish removal without harm for the nail plate

  • Top nail products and how to work with them

  • Cosmetic pedicure workshop

The practical training makes up 80% of the course time and takes place in our fully equipped training classes.

Program is divided into following parts:

•Modern Gel Manicure (25 hours)

•Hardware (drill) Manicure (12 hours)

•Gel Extensions (15 hours)

•Drill Pedicure (8 hours)



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20% of THEORY  80% of PRACTICE

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