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FLORACEL Microneedling RF  (made in Korea)

RF microneedling machine for sale skin tightening scar acne face care for beauty salon

The device FLORACEL combines the most advanced Radio-frequency (RF) technology. The device includes 2 maniples, that can be used independently, or combined in one procedure.


GOLD MICRO NEEDLE manipulator, allows you to work by microneedling. In this case, gold-coated needles enter a predetermined depth and activate the signal that heats the tissue under the action of RF currents. This system is one of the most effective, because in addition to the action of heat, the needles create Micro-columns for the introduction of active agents, and the procedure replaces fractional mesotherapy. Tissue trauma provides additional regeneration and significantly increases the efficiency of the treatment. Thus, the radio frequency not only works for rejuvenation, but also allows you to effectively deal with post-acne, scars. Depth adjustment up to 3 mm makes it possible to work not only with the face, but also with the body.


MATRIX NON NEEDLE gentle warm-up manipulator without tissue trauma. The minula is equipped with 144 electrodes, which, when combined, create a matrix. The matrix electrode system provides stable and guaranteed heating at the level of collagen and elastin.


Manipules can be combined in one procedure, when the operator is first preparing the skin with the MATRIX NON NEEDLE manipulator, and then treating the area with the needling manipulator, additionally introducing active preparations. Enhanced heat storage provides a prolonged and long-lasting result.


RF Microneedling device acne scar removal skin tightening for sale
RF Microneedling device skin tightening rejuvenation for sale
RF Microneedling device skin tightening rejuvenation for sale


RF radio waves affect all layers of the skin, increase skin tone, smooth out structural, facial and age wrinkles, eliminate wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores and visible capillaries. The principle of operation of the apparatus for radiolifting is based on the controlled heating of the skin and subcutaneous fat with a high-frequency electric field. The procedure actively stimulates the development of the main skin cells (fibroblasts). An updated collagen matrix is ​​formed in the skin. Thus, the skin of the treated areas is not just mechanically stretched - all its natural functions are restored, tissue trophism improves and a long-term result is ensured.


The method of microneedle RF lifting solves the problem of delivering thermal energy to the skin - the needles penetrate the skin to a depth of 0.5-3.5 mm, generating radio frequency pulses. Moreover - in addition to directly electromagnetic radiation, microtraumas (punctures from needles) are applied to the skin, which causes the body to start regeneration processes..

RF Microneedling skin tightening rejuvenation for sale
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  • The average price for the service is 700 QAR.

  • Real number of clients per day – 2.

  • Revenue for 1 day – 1 400 QAR.

  • Working days in a month – 26.

  • Revenue for 26 days – 36 400 QAR


Device payback – 2-3 months


  • skin rejuvenation

  • skin whitening

  • anti-age therapy

  • face & neck skin tightening

  • acne/post-acne treatment

  • anti-cellulite program

  • non-surgical face lift

  • correction of striae and scars

  • improving blood flow and lymph flow


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