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About the Course

Hair Coloristic is one of the most demanded and high-paid services in the hair beauty industry.  Our course represents A-Z theoretical base and practical training to master this modern art. After finishing this course our students will the most trendy hair colouring technics: splash lights, 3D colouring, shatush.


Course program is covering the following areas:

  • Hair Coloristic, its importance and application in the modern hairdressing 

  • The structure of the natural hair and various types of human hair

  • Natural hair pigments

  • Hair lightening fonds

  • Oswald Star (primary, secondary and complex complimentary colours) 

  • The amount of artificial pigment content in the dye, depending on the numeral or alphabetic designation (professional colourist language)

  • Creating pure shades and neutralising unwanted colours

  • Dye groups

  • In detail  about all types of directly penetrating dyes

  • Semi-permanent dyes and their principle of work on the hair

  • Classic permanent dyes and the most advanced technology in oxidative dyes

  • The rules of primary hair colouring 

  • Rules of the dye distribution on the length of previously dyed hair

  • Colouring technics on 30%, 50%, 70% and 100% grey hair 

  • Technics to colour in cold and warm shades of blond

  • Hair bleaching with pastes, creams, powder and oil

  • Blonding washers for hair

  • Types of pre-dyeing, darkening, soft darkening and complete darkening of hair up to 4 tone

  • Colour-matching - a combination in one colouring of permanent and semi-permanent dyes

  • Acid technology of semi-permanent dyes

  • "Milkshakes" for toning blondes

  • Most modern and trendy colouring technics: balayage, ombre, shatush, baby blond, ponytails

  • Care of the coloured hair

The practical training makes up 80% of the course time and takes place in our fully equipped training classes.




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20% of THEORY  80% of PRACTICE

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