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About the Course

Eyelash Extensions are the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry, creating repeat clientele who pay hundreds of riyals per application.

At The Beauty Business Academy, our instructors teach students to master the art and science of Lash Extensions, and perform at an elite level. We offer in-class training courses that fully equip each student with the knowledge and tools to launch a new career or expand existing beauty programs. Our intensive classes include comprehensive coverage of industry history, health, theory, technique, aftercare, business development and more.

Course program covers the following subjects:

  • The latest materials in eyelash extension and how to work with them

  • How to select the most complimentary lashes colour, length and curve for each client

  • Keratin lash lifting (lamination)

  • Classic lash extension

  • 2D volume lash extension

  • 3D volume lash extension

  • Mega volume

  • Hollywood volume

  • Kylie Jenner style lashes

  • Kim Kardashian style lashes

  • Messy lashes

  • Different effects of lash extension:  "doll eye", "fox eye" etc

  • Lashes refil

  • Lashes preparation before work (cleaning and degreasing)

  • Contraindications to the lash extension

The practical training makes up 80% of the course time and takes place in our fully equipped training classes.




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20% of THEORY  80% of PRACTICE

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