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VORTEX F - multifunctional skincare platform with aqua peeling and RF (made in Korea)

face care facial machine for salon aqua peeling for sale in Qatar

VORTEX technology is not just a successful combination of functions in one device, it is a system that allows you to carry out a whole range of procedures (treatment, rejuvenation, lifting, moisturizing, cleaning) in one session. It is the combination of all the forces of influence during one session that makes the technology unique and unparalleled.


The important thing is that all VORTEX procedures are absolutely safe. The device can work all seasonally with any customers, any age and with completely different problems. No side effects and rehabilitation period.


All stages of the complex VORTEX procedure are as comfortable as possible for the patient. The main and basic function of the device is the VORTEX-F V PEEL manipulator, which has a unique technology that allows peeling, deep cleansing, moisturizing and intensive nutrition in one session. The principle of its action in the vortex flow of serum and the simultaneous exposure to vacuum. Due to the discharged pressure, the maniple fits snugly on the skin, the serum is fed through a vortex flow, gently cleanses the skin and removes the upper stratum corneum of the skin. Passing all the way through the vortex flow, the serum, together with the removed impurities, enters a special hole and is sucked into the tank. This technology makes skin cleansing as safe as possible.


The rest of the VORTEX functions are used alternately, enhancing the effect. It is the complex effect that gives results that are amazing.


The functions of the VORTEX apparatus are also switched off: ultrasound therapy, electroporation, radiofrequency thermal lifting and ionization of masks. Each function can perform an independent procedure, but the maximum effect is achieved through a combination of techniques.


A distinctive feature of VORTEX is its purification system and full self-diagnosis. In the convenient menu of the device there is a special function of cleaning and filtering, turning it on, the device starts to clean the manipulator, hoses and tips of VORTEX-V-PEEL on its own. Thanks to this system, tips are not disposable, unlike analogues, so  you will not have additional expenses. In addition, the device has a smart control system and self-diagnostics, and always gives an alert to the operator in various situations (the drug is over, the tank with the processed drug is full, the manipulator is not connected, etc.)


1. Manipulator VORTEX F V-PEEL


This is the most advanced system for gentle peeling and delicate skin cleansing. It is based on the synergy of three forces of influence: mechanical exfoliation (due to the vortex flow) exposure to special serums and the stimulating effect of vacuum. The VORTEX-system has several stages of care. Due to the presence of specially designed sera, the manipulation process goes through several stages. Deep cleansing, moisturizing the skin and intensive nutrition.

face care facial machine for salon aqua peeling for sale in Qatar

2. V-LIFT lifting manipulator RF


The radio frequency warms up the tissues at the level of collagen and elastin, the high heating temperature causes the fibers to contract, regenerate and curl. The V-LIFT manipulator has a MULTI POLAR system consisting of 6 connected electrodes. The bond between the electrodes creates a Matrix system that provides controlled, accurate and safe heating.

face care facial machine for salon aqua peeling for sale in Qatar

3. Electroporation Manipulator V-PHORESIS


The manipulator is used in the next phase of care. Thanks to the ultrasound, the operator manages to inject the drug into the deeper layers of the dermis, but this does not always guarantee that the cell received the drug. Electroporation stimulates the nutritional channel of the cell, opening it for a half- second, during this time an active agent located in the intercellular space enters directly into the cell. That is why, electroporation is a 100% replacement for classical mesotherapy.

face care facial machine for salon aqua peeling for sale in Qatar

4. Ultrasonic manipulator V-ULTRA


The ultrasonic manipulator creates vibrations that allow you to break the molecule of the active drug to enter it more deeply. The use of ultrasound increases the effectiveness of drugs at times, and the vibrations that the manipulator emits affect not only the drug molecule, but also at the cellular level - by performing Micro massage.

face care facial machine for salon aqua peeling for sale in Qatar

5. V-IONZYME mask ionization


At the end of the procedure, the operator can use a soothing mask, and 2 additional V-ENZYME electrodes will ionize it and enhance the effect of active agents. This stage of care will allow the client to relax and enjoy the procedure.

face care facial machine for salon aqua peeling for sale in Qatar


  • The average price for the service is 300 QAR.

  • Real number of clients per day – 2.

  • Revenue for 1 day – 600 QAR.

  • Working days in a month – 26.

  • Revenue for 26 days – 15 600 QAR


Device payback – 1-2 months


  • complex face care treatment

  • (rejuvenation, lifting, moisturising, cleaning)

  • aqua pilling - delicate skin cleansing & moisturising

  • ultrasound - micro massage and deep penetration of medicals

  • electroporation - needleless mesotherapy

  • RF lifting: skin tightening

  • mask ionisation - enhancing the effect of active drugs


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