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ITONING system of multi waved IPL of the latest generation (made in Korea)

IPL device for sale in qatar pigmentation removal skin tightening

The technology of light-pulse therapy has been tested for years and always shows excellent results, but RUIKD has taken the IPL system to a new level. The ITONING device is equipped with a signal calibration, which means that all sub-pulses within a single pulse will be stably of the same intensity and power. Filters for the device are made of special durable materials resistant to bumps and scratches. Due to this, the refraction of light through the filter always passes correctly and does not lose its properties and energy. The device is equipped with 4 replaceable filters, which allow for hair removal, rejuvenation, blood vessel removal, pigment removal, treatment of oily skin, acne and post-acne:

  • 640 nm filter for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

  • 585 nm filter for removing dilated superficial blood vessels, redness, telangiectasias, wine stains (naevus flameus), red moles, skin rejuvenation.

  • 530 nm filter for removing pigmentation of various origins, freckles, coffee stains (café au lait spots), skin color smoothing

  • 430 nm filter for acne and oily skin

The ITOTNIG device has convenient control and a special TONING program for dynamic operation. Also a distinctive feature is the emission spectrum, in contrast to similar devices, the wavelength is limited to 950 nm (in other models, the emission spectrum is up to 1200 nm and in some models up to 2000). This means applying a certain filter, you work in a narrower light range - and therefore more  targeted (for example, 640-950 nm, 585-950 nm, 530-950 nm, 430-950 nm).


For comfortable operation, the device cools the working surface of the maniples to -10C degrees, reducing pain during the treatment. The treatments are comfortable and as fast as possible, due to the large area of ​​the working surface 10*50mm, quickly and easily processing required areas, without unnecessary consumption of pulses, while its also quite convenient for working in hard-to-reach areas.


IPL device for sale in qatar pigmentation removal skin tightening
IPL device for sale in qatar pigmentation removal skin tightening
IPL device for sale in qatar pigmentation removal skin tightening




The principle of IPL is primarily based on exposure to intense pulsed light on the hair and hair follicle. Using IPL, the follicle is heated to 70-80 ° C, which causes all the hair cells responsible for growth (primarily the hair papilla cells) to die and hair growth no longer resumes. In this case, the target cell (chromophore) is melanin, which is also responsible for the color of the hair - the darker the hair, the more melanin in it. Melanin has a high light absorption function. That is why most of the light radiation absorbs hair, leaving the rest of the tissue intact.




To obtain the effect of rejuvenation, it is necessary to start the process of tissue regeneration and restoration of the collagen-elastin framework. To achieve a vivid effect and a solid result, the pulses of the apparatus heat tissues in the deeper layers of the skin (at the level of collagen and elastin), due to which the process of restoration of old collagen-elastin fibers and the formation of new ones is started.


Vascular removal


The principle of the operation of removing vessels using IPL technologies is very simple and effective: the luminous flux is selectively absorbed by blood threads - their walls gently heat up and stick together, as a result of which the vessel gradually ceases to function, and then disappears, without any undesirable consequences and risk of scar formation. This method of vascular removal using IPL is applicable for the removal of small hemangiomas, wine stains, asterisks, superficial small veins on the legs.


Pigment removal


To date, phototherapy is the most effective and safe tool for the treatment of most pigmented skin lesions, removal of age spots. It implements a non-invasive method of "point" destruction of cells with a high content of pigment. The technology of removing age spots by photorejuvenation eliminates the accumulation of melanin precisely and extremely selectively, while avoiding undesirable mechanical and thermal damage to surrounding tissues. Most quickly, this method removes surface pigment spots. How correctly after the first procedure, such pigmented spots turn black and exfoliate.


Acne and Oily Skin Treatment


Under the action of light irradiation, new substances are formed in the layers of the skin that attack Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria cells, which provoke the appearance of acne. Depending on the size and depth of the affected area, a course of 3 to 10 procedures may be needed. Phototherapy is a very effective treatment, in one course up to 90% of acne is removed even on the late stage.

IPL device for sale in qatar pigmentation removal hair removal for salon


  • The average price for the service is 400 QAR.

  • Real number of clients per day – 2.

  • Revenue for 1 day – 800 QAR.

  • Working days in a month – 26.

  • Revenue for 26 days – 20 800 QAR


Device payback – 2-3 months


  •  skin rejuvenation & whitening

  • PIGMENTATION removal

  • reduces signes of photo-ageing

  • hair removal

  • removal of blood vessels, redness

  • acne/post-acne treatment


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